All about laptop sleeves

Sleeve is one of the transportation options for laptop, which has its advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will investigate the peculiarities of cases and determine their strengths and weaknesses.

Quite often, sleeve is also called a second skin of laptop because it is quite a tight fit the outer surface of the gadget. Sleeve provides excellent protection against scratches and stains, but it will not prevent damage from bumps or drops.

Sleeves vs. bags

Sleeves have advantages and disadvantages, so the consumer should he choose the most practical option for himself.

  • Sleeve’s benefits: light weight, slim, sleek, flexible.
  • Disadvantages: minimal storage space for accessories, low protection.

You need to decide exactly what you need. If your priority is to protect the laptop from damage, you travel a lot or move around the city, often using public transport it will be much better to choose a more serious protection, such as in a standard bag or backpack. Cover is suitable when you need protection only from minor damage and you don’t want to carry a big bag.

Material of sleeves

The most popular material for laptop sleeves is Neoprene. It’s pretty easy and practical material that perfectly absorbs moisture and has a good durability.

More expensive models are made of high quality leather, also can be used wool, etc. But if your main concern is practical protection, you can not hesitate to prefer neoprene.

Size of sleeves

No less important question in choosing the sleeve is its size. Now you can easily find the right cover for all sizes of laptop, from 11 to 17-inch. But it’s important to take the right thickness for your laptop. In order not to miscalculate, try to select cases that are specifically designed for your model of laptop.

Travel sleeves

A while ago, traveling with the laptop was a real problem for many people. They had to take it into the hand luggage not to crush during the screening. In 2008 were developed some sleeves that protect the laptop from the X-rays, so that now they can be safely put in luggage. On these sleeves you can find a special mark, which guarantees similar protection. If you are a traveler such sleeve is topical issue for you, so you should looking sleeves with such inscription: “TSA approved”.As a result, we can say that the sleeves will be an excellent decision for infrequent laptop transporting, or for those who are constantly using private car. If the probability of serious injury is high enough will be better to find another option.

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