Buying a Laptop Bag for a Traveler

Laptop bags when traveling must have the strength and reliability, providing maximum notebook protection against damage and be attractive to look at.

Main characteristics of laptop bags for traveling

The size of a laptop, under which the selected bag is the main selection criterion. This dimension is measured in inches. Is located inside the laptop bag should be free, but do not hang out. If the laptop is attached belts, they should be tightened by its size so that the mount fits snugly to your laptop. Note that a laptop bag for a 15-inch laptop may well go for a 14-inch size and for the 16-inch models.

Usually, a bag is designed for the entire range of notebooks with the same size matrix, regardless of model. However, remember that laptops from different manufacturers with the same matrix may differ significantly in size and have additional tabs (for example, high-capacity batteries, pro-laptop case) on the bag that can be simply calculated. In this case, it is necessary to clarify the dimensions of the compartment underneath the laptop, or better yet try on the bag.

Dimensions and weight of the bags depend not only on the size of the laptop but also on the number of offices, as well as on the level of protection provided. Weight bags depends on the number of functions it performs. When choosing a bag should be aware that bags weighing less than a kilogram is not seen.

The protective properties of a laptop bag for travelers

  • Water-resistance materials such as nylon and polyester impregnated with special water-resistant solution, of other materials of bags protect well enough by rain;
  • Protected laptop compartment: laptop bag’s compartment is often strengthened with the help of soft cushioning wall (fortified walls protect the laptop is not only from shocks but also from frost);
  • Metal accessories are the most durable, but at the moment there are some types of plastic that can withstand no less a burden, but it is much lighter;
  • Rigid frame: protects the bag from outside influences (the only drawback is a lot of weight);
  • Additional protection from side impacts: special technologies – at the expense of the aired laptop bag for travelers;
  • Reinforcement: (only in bags of nylon) additionally sewn metal or other strong thread;
  • Stitches (only for nylon and polyester) joints should always be neat and tidy one;
  • Density: (only for some types of nylon and polyester), bags for computers typically have a density of from 400 to 1000 denier, it should be borne in mind that the denser the product, so it is stronger.

Traveling bags for laptops, as a rule, are equipped with lots of pockets for different purposes. First of all, there is the separation of securities in any bag. Additionally, it may be a mobile phone pocket, organizer compartment and the compartment for the printer.

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