Carry a 17-Inch Laptop in a Bag

With a choice of the form factor 17-inch, laptop bags are all pretty easy, as manufacturers usually clearly indicate the maximum possible screen size, which seamlessly fits into this bag. The most common format bags 15.6 inches, which also include the dimensions: 15″, 15.4″ and 16″ correspond to the most popular medium format for laptop bags.

If you use a more compact 13-inch or 11.6-inch laptop, it makes no sense to buy a universal bag by 15.6 inches. Find a more diminutive and elegant version of the exact size in which your laptop will sit like a glove, and not free to move throughout the volume of the bag.

Well, for the transportation of massive 17-inch laptop is best-suited backpack of suitable size, which will not have to put off his hands.

Material and color for laptop bags

All materials that are used when creating the bags may be divided into two large groups: natural and synthetic.

For natural materials of laptop bags are included leather (suede), aluminum and a variety of natural fibers: cotton / cotton, linen, canvas, jeans, etc. For obvious reasons, bags made of such materials are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts and they do not always prove to be as practical in daily use. Thus, a bag of natural materials can be recommended as an expensive accessory, emphasizing style and status of the owner, whereas synthetic backpacks and cases are more suitable for active everyday use.

It refers to a synthetic wide range of materials, ranging from artificial leather and synthetic fibers (micro fibre nylon, neoprene, polyester, etc.) to the various polymeric compositions such as polycarbonate, Kevlar, polyester, etc.  The main advantage of these materials is the affordable cost and practicality – synthetics are much easier to clean from pollution than natural materials, it is more durable and often has protection from moisture, etc.

What are the most common 17-inch laptop bags?

Unfortunately, to understand how it will look and feel synthetic bag only on photographs often impossible, because depending on the nature of processing the same polyurethane may look like leather, and as a synthetic fabric with a bright pattern. Moreover, because of the variety of materials used quite a number of such bags are grouped in a filter as a material. Thus, if you choose a handbag or backpack made of synthetic materials that before placing the online store should find a way to “feel” this accessory live.

As you know, tastes do not have, so that the choice of color depends on the bag purely on your preference. Black, gray, blue, and other dark colors are more practical in daily use, however, and brightly colored bag with original design that is quite right to life.

If you need a variant for each day in which there is a place not only a laptop but also a complete set of everyday details, choose a spacious bag or backpack. Be sure to check the availability of additional pockets and the quality and type of fastener (zipper, Velcro, etc), because they will have to use very often. Minimalists and those who do not like to burden you rubbish the best suitcases and covers for 17-inch laptops. Finally, solid users with high demands on quality and style should focus on their portfolios and laptop cases made from natural materials. Once you have decided on the type of bag, specify the maximum size of a laptop, which is to be placed and choose a suitable design, material and color within your budget.

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