Get your style and protection with a 11.6 laptop sleeve

The 11.6 laptop sleeve for your notebook is not a laptop bag.It has no handle but it protecs your MacBook, notebook or ipad from the damage perfectly.

The sleeve for 11.6 laptop is made of a very good neoprene, which is thick, and the zipper is really sturdy: you can open and close it dozens of times through the day – it will work as it is a knife cutting butter – it opens and closes very gently.

The sleeve is a bit larger than your device and if you really need it you can place inside ipad. Both will be well protected.

When you take your computer to the store, want to place it at the back seat of your car or just feel there is no sense to carry a laptop bag with you – take your sleeve for 11.6 and place your notebook or MacBook there. It will protect your device even if you drop it: the thick cover and cushion do their work.

If you really need to feel an absolute protection of your device – getting the laptop sleeve is the right choice and the price matches the expectations :once you get the sleeve you will forget what it is – the unprotected laptop.

Also think how stylish you will look with a contemporary laptop sleeve and your MacBook or laptop inside it.It will be much better than holding the device under your arm.
Buy it and get your style and protection!

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