How to Choose Laptop Sleeves 14”?

Select a designer laptop bag is not as easy as it seems. Proper selection of cover will not only preserve the appearance of a mobile computer, and extend the term of its operation. It seems that everything we imagine what it must be, however, sometimes make mistakes.

The format of 14-inch laptops sleeves:

All bags can be divided into five groups of formats:

  1. Case – a folder consisting of 1-2 branches and without carrying handles. Folders are usually made of water-resistant, heat and sun neoprene.
  2. Bag or briefcase. It features lots of pockets for CDs, papers, office. The bag is equipped with a pen and a shoulder strap, made of leather, natural or artificial, or nylon or polyester. This allows it to be resistant to water and abrasion.
  3. Universal suitcase or rolling laptop bag that has a likeness with a mobile office. There breaks not only the laptop, but also accessories – Printer and photography. Usually, such laptop sleeves 14” are made of polyester.
  4. Laptops cases are differing rigidity and the presence of the castle, safeguard your laptop from the theft. Generally, the material is aluminum, sometimes laptop cases are made of hard plastic.
  5. A backpack also has a multitude of branches. Usually, backpacks are manufactured from nylon.

Select the correct format is simple. It is enough to examine the conditions in which the most frequently used the laptop. If more is used at home and is rarely transported, or if you are the owner of a miniature laptop, it is better to use laptop sleeves 14”, which can easily be placed in an ordinary bag or briefcase.

If you constantly carry a laptop around town, your choice is a briefcase or bag, allowing creating an elegant image, combining it with a high degree of functionality and capacity.

Men who are leading an active lifestyle must choose the most suitable bag. Such laptop sleeves 14” allowing easy and convenient to carry a laptop, even in field conditions. If you care about the safety of the laptop of your choice is a case, the most reliable protection against external influences. And for those who constantly travel around the world, the perfect choice is a laptop suitcase or a large bag.

Laptop sleeves 14” are distinguished by:

By way of wearing. Depending on your lifestyle and the style of dress you can pick out the most convenient bag. For example, use a laptop sleeve with a belt over his shoulder, a folder or a backpack.

In thickness. A laptop sleeve 14” can be very thin – no additional pockets and compartments, and can be quite thick – with one or two compartments and pockets. In this case, you can carry it as an accessory (additional wires, mouse wheel) as well as the necessary documents.

Strength. A designer laptop bag must not only protect it from dirt and scratches, but also from the blows. Therefore, it is best if it is provided with a frame, plastic or metal.

By size. All bags are made to appropriately sized laptops from 10 to 17 inches. It happens that a laptop sleeve 14 inches and above to make the margin width. Then, in the space next to the laptop power supply can be removed.

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