Models of laptop bags

Laptop bag is a must have for anyone who frequently uses a laptop at home. There are several basic models, each of them have their own characteristics and application.


It’s the most common and universal format. It will look equally appropriate and the hands of the student and in the hands of an office worker. The bag can be carried in hand or throw it over his shoulder with a long belt.

Laptop compartment is only a small part of the inner space of the bag, where you can still find a place for documents, magazines, phone, tablet, etc. Also bags have pockets on the outside, which you can use to keep keys, flash drives, and other small stuff.

Bags material are quite thick and has an additional layer, so it’s provide good protection from everyday bumps (in public transport, etc.).


The main advantage of this bag type is ergonomic design. It allows hands-free and evenly distribute the load on both shoulders. As a result, the backpack can comfortably carry even heavy 17-inch laptops while you holding in hands a tablet or camera. That’s why backpack is preferred option for users who often have to travel for long hours (students, journalists).

In fact, the only noticeable disadvantage of such bags is the favor distinct youth-athletic style that will suit not for all.

Backpack is the perfect solution for transporting laptop outside the city or while traveling. If you often find yourself in situations where your hands should be free, choose a backpack.


This term is familiar not only to students, but to all those who need to make a favorable impression on colleagues and others, like managers, lawyers, executives, etc. In certain circles you can’t come to a meeting or negotiations with shapeless cloth bag, but a solid portfolio is exactly what you need.

The portfolio is not the most convenient option for transporting, but it provides a pretty good protection. Most often it is used as a status accessory, so it’s practical side pales into insignificance


Small flat bag made of rigid material (aluminum, plastic, etc.). In terms of everyday use cases are the most reliable way to protect a laptop from accidental damage because of the rigid structure. Well, combination lock, which is equipped with the most expensive cases, will serve as an additional protection against spontaneous theft.


Soft fabric cover acts only as a light shell, which can protect your laptop except from small abrasions. Moreover, some models even come with covers carrying handles, so that long transport laptop in such a case you need another bag or backpack.

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