Picking a Laptop Case for a Lady

Modern ladies do not want to part with laptops – laptops is easy to carry to work and carry on business, take on vacation and traveling, having at hand all your documents, photos, movies stored links in your browser, useful applications and dozens of important of things. To protect your computer from scratches and bumps, you need to buy a special laptop sleeve. If you are already in the search for this important accessory and do not know what to choose from a huge range, WESTWING will gladly help you to determine the model and transform an ordinary object into a fashionable stylish little thing, to draw attention to its owner.

Size does matter: you need to know and do before you buy

Cover for notebook first needs to choose the size. Usually, the price tags on the dimensions of the screens of mobile computers in inches but rely solely on the value of the impossible. Cases for laptops are not only the size of the screen but also the parameters of the housing. For example, modern ultrabooks are twice thinner than standard laptops, and the width of the housing of different models may differ by 1-3 cm even the same manufacturer.

Not to be mistaken with a choice, you need to measure the parameters of their equipment and to correlate them with the real size of the bag. Typically, online stores sellers details indicate the length, width, and thickness of the product. If you want to buy an accessory in a nearby shopping mall, grab a tape measure.

Case, bag or briefcase: what is the best to choose?

The standard laptop sleeve is designed as a normal folder, often supplemented with a small handle. As a general rule, except for a mobile computer in a folder do not fit, so the mouse and the charger will need to be worn separately. The advantages of this type of covers on a small scale – they practically do not increase the volume of the laptop, look carefully and do not take up much space at a time when waiting in the wings in a closet or hallway.

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