Pros of Lilly Pulitzer Laptop Cases

Any versatile and elegant Lilly Pulitzer laptop case offers a reliable protection of laptop and convenient surface for traveling or on the couch in the living room. The built-in HeatProtect function prevents heat up of a laptop, especially its bottom.

The HeatProtect function in Lilly Pulitzer laptop sleeves

The function HeatProtect prevents heat of your knees – you will be able put a laptop on your lap when watching videos in a train, listen to music at the beach or browse the net, chat with friends or work on documents at the airport. After some time, the heat generated from the sustained use of a laptop, causes unpleasant sensations in knees and can damage a laptop. The function HeatProtect in Lilly Pulitzer laptop cases on eBay, with three additional layers, protects you from laptop’s heat when working on the road.

Other features of Lilly Pulitzer laptop cases

Its smooth surface provides good ventilation and a stable position. The solid surface of a laptop allows putting it on knees, but it is always not very convenient, since the surface of a laptop sometimes is slippery and unstable, especially when you want to get comfortable. In addition, a laptop may be damaged if it slides off. In Lilly Pulitzer cases for laptops there is a protective cover with a flat top surface for your laptop and soft – bottom for your lap, so you can watch videos on YouTube, listen to music or work on documents, and your laptop will always be stable and secure, no matter where you are.

The case of the soft tissues from contact with rough surfaces in your bag, when you place the laptop in a protective cover on it, may be scratched. The inside of the cover for the laptop from Philips is made of material similar to a chamois that provides protection and easy storage and prevents scratches. Zipper with rubber coating that prevents the emergence of scratches on your laptop cases by Lilly Pulitzer.

A netbook or laptop might get scratched by the zipper head of a case but when you use in Lilly Pulitzer laptop sleeves when putting into your sleeve or bag. Lilly Pulitzer laptop cases use a rubberized zipper puller reduces the possibility of scratches.

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