Remain Stylish With Laptop Sleeves

For most people, a laptop is not personal and belongs to a family property, and he will not move from his seat. But if a laptop is your personal vehicle leisure or work, then one way or another, you sometimes take it with you, it is very willing that he served longer. For the safety of the laptop and its convenient transportation to your indispensable assistant can become a laptop sleeve for him.

Laptop sleeves are diverse as their range. This backpack with special compartments for travelers that allow to carry and a lot of personal belongings, except for a laptop; and business cases that will certainly be part of your official image; bright and light bag with a belt changeover that are sure to like the look lovely ladies. As for the materials of bags, their choice is also wide: leather, nylon, plastic, aluminum, suede.

In order to select a laptop sleeve or case, you need to pay attention to several parameters.

Types of laptop sleeves

Decide on the type of bag for your laptop is the very simple answer to the question “What is your lifestyle? Where do you take a laptop? “. Most often, we travel with a laptop within the same city, so the most popular option considered reversible handle bags over his shoulder and a pair of conventional handles. In these bags easy to carry the laptop for short distances, they do not interfere with public transportation, throwing a bag over his shoulder, you free your hands. Furthermore, the color range of the widest bags, and you can easily pick up the one that suits you.

Business laptop sleeves in the classic design are made of genuine leather is ideal, allowing her to come as business meetings and meetings with friends. It is bordered by the convenience of the business case, but, unfortunately, it looks confidently in the hands of a strong half of mankind.

Convenient for business people are also folders, the only purpose of which – the transfer of a laptop from one place to another. They will provide the necessary protection from scratches, but not from the blows.

Backpacks fans like the look of an active lifestyle, in addition, there are now backpacks “urban”, which include a laptop compartment, small shapes, and bright colors sport. When choosing the type of a laptop sleeve, remember – most importantly, that it is convenient for you!

Dimensions of laptop sleeves

This is the most important parameter, which is worth paying attention to after you have decided on the type of bag. The size of your future laptop bag depends on the size of the diagonal of the screen, it is usually from 10 to 18 inches.

When buying a laptop, you probably noticed on this parameter. But if you bought a laptop for a long time and needed a bag just now, it is possible to determine the diagonal:

  • picking up a normal range. To measure the size of the screen diagonal and remember math lessons in school: 1 inch = 2.54 cm. Using simple calculations, we obtain the desired size.
  • without looking at the specifications of the laptop in the instructions or on the box. There is also an option for the lazy: you can just flip the laptop, see the full name of the model and google its diagonal.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the bags are usually specified characteristics “for 15-inch laptops” are suitable for both 14- and 16-inch laptops. The laptop should easily enter the bag and preferably be fixed with special straps inside. This will provide complete protection against scratches because it is not necessary to choose a bag is too large.

Manufacturers make laptop sleeves with a small margin, it was easy to get a laptop. If you are going to carry a laptop beside another charger, mouse, I have a folder of documents and other things, choose a bag with lots of compartments.

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