Slide your notebook inside the 17.3 laptop sleeve and keep it safe

The big 17.3 laptop sleeve is designed for a big laptop with a 15 -16 inch display. It is very soft, slim, smooth and fits also a smaller computer of a couple of Ipads. A seamless wrap of foam padding protects your notebook from all sides.

Of course it cannot be called a bag because it does not have handles or a strap, but once you slide your notebook inside the 17.3 inch laptop sleeve you can carry it anywhere. You can place it on the seat of your car and if the device falls down it will remain absolutely protected.

You will like its sturdy and smooth zipper and sleek design, and the extra pocket on the side of the sleeve. This sleeve for 17.3 laptop is very cute, and you will look absolutely stylish if you slide inside it your notebook and take it with you when you go to the conference, to your work, friends or any place where you plan to use a computer.

All these laptop sleeves for 17.3 inch notebooks are made from environmentally friendly materials, the zipper of the unit is safe and it will not scratch your hands when you open or close it, the outlook of the units is really stylish and modern. No doubt once you start using it to protect and carry your computer you will fall in love with this wonderful thing. Be sure all your friends will ask you where you got it when they see how comfortably you feel with the laptop sleeve.

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