Spacious 17 Inch Laptop Cases and Sleeves

When buying a 17-inch laptop, most people neglect the additional tools and accessories for him. This is understandable because money spent on them can be spent on a more powerful laptop.

Whatever it was, sooner or later, we are still aware of the need for various “gadgets” that make our work on a laptop more comfortable. The main optional accessories can be considered: a bag, pouch, stand with cooling function and a computer mouse.

The main protective options of 17-inch laptop cases and sleeves

With a 17-inch laptop cover, you will have the opportunity to direct more easy and comfortable to travel with your laptop. And of course, when all these movements of the laptop can feel the associated mechanical stress. In order to damage from such shocks to minimize the need to make sure that bag cover meet several requirements.

Main protective functions in the bag take on a special frame or exoskeleton. In order to make sure there is provided with protective properties, simply bag you chose to hold it in your hands and look into the compartment for a laptop. For example, the most difficult to crush the bag, the more secure in her cage. And in the department for a notebook should be palpable special damping pads designed to soften the blow.

The same protective function plays a special strap inside the bag, which does not allow the laptop to hang out.

Another important aspect in the design of laptop cases is the material from which it is made. We are not talking about the quality of the material and its ability to retain moisture. Really caught in the rain, the bag should protect the laptop from moisture, otherwise, your device can easily be damaged.

Types of 17-inch laptop cases and sleeves

  1. By the access to a laptop all 17-inch cases vary:
  • A bag-case, which opens at 90° or more degrees. In my opinion the most convenient option;
  • A bag in which a laptop is inserted from above, so-called top-loading.

2. Types of 17-inch laptop cases and sleeves:

  • Usually, they are transformed and can be worn as a flip over one shoulder;
  • Travel bag with wheels;
  • A carry laptop bag;
  • The plain bag that is convertible.

The more compartments in the bag, the more stuff you can place on it. In addition to the main offices, which are more often used for documents can be identified and are as follows: a compartment for a PC mouse, to drive, to the power supply, for ballpoint pens, mobile phone, business cards, key (usually just a carbine), for the player, tablet .

Materials for 17-inch laptop cases

Since the main purpose laptop bag is the preservation and protection of the device, the materials from which the bag is made, must meet the following requirements:

  • Being waterproof and have a protective waterproof coating;
  • Keep the form (in bags of soft materials using a special plastic or metal frame);
  • Provide additional protection from side impacts;
  • It is constructed strongly enough (especially the seams, if the bag is made of soft fabric or similar materials).

As a general rule, 17-inch laptop cases and sleeves today are made of plastic, polyester, and nylon, using the latter two cases, the protective metal or plastic frames. Each model of bags is not only the size, material and color but also a number of additional pockets, outlets, fixtures, etc.

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