Stylish Life With a 11.6 Laptop Case

When choosing a case for an 11,6 laptop you should pay attention to the following important details.

Classic laptop bag is a great notebook compartment with a partition with Velcro and special pockets for floppy disks, CDs, cards and stationery, inner pocket for accessories, exterior front pocket for documents and back pocket for external documents.

Types of common 11,6” laptop case

The portfolio is a laptop case for the business that meets the highest requirements. Most bags available: special sheltered compartment with the soft walls laptop, roomy compartment for documents front pocket organizer, back zipper pocket, comfortable handle, ergonomic shoulder strap.

Case – a rounded shaped bag for an 11.6-inch laptop, which is perfect for people who prefer freestyle. As with other types of bags they have the main compartment for notebook and additional compartment for documents, depending on the model.

Folders for laptops have one main compartment for the laptop and a very low weight. The elegant and small folder will be ideal for laptop’s storage and transportation in a car.

Backpacks. Most 11,6” laptop backpacks are protected compartment with top loading and straps for attaching a computer, a large compartment for papers, roomy compartment organizer for accessories, front zippered pocket for documents, ergonomic shoulder straps.

Size of a laptop case does matter

The size of laptop bags should match the size of the matrix of the monitor to the main compartment holds your laptop. It is important to always pay attention to the size of the main branch because the selection of the size you want is sometimes not enough of the same size matrix monitor. If the description of the notebook is not listed dimensions, you need to measure your laptop and compare the size of the main compartment of the bag. Overall dimensions of the notebook should be slightly smaller than the size of the main compartment of the bag.

Here you can choose a suitable color scheme handbags classic, business and strict – black, brown, gray, red, beige and others.

In choosing the material for laptop cases, you should pay attention to the elegant laptop bag made of genuine leather (solid appearance, as well as a material capable of protecting the laptop, is not only the rain but also against shocks), imitation leather (it’s easier by weight of the product than choose the  natural leather), polyester and other materials.

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