Stylish Life With Rolling Laptop Bags For Women

Choose rolling laptop bags for women become a compact modular solution that offers ease of international travel and work. You can sneak such laptop bag for women into the plane as hand luggage, as its dimensions correspond to the standard international requirements for carry-on baggage (less than 114.3 cm in the sum of three parameters).

Rolling laptop bags for women: benefits

The innovative design of “two laptop bags in one” provides a truly universal. Use the bag as a backpack on wheels with easy access to the full set of cameras. There is a special notebook compartment in the front pocket. Open the zipper at the bottom of the bag on wheels and release the backpack, this way you reduce the size of the last moment and will be able to take it on board the flight or small regional aircraft. The front cover closes with a zipper and protects the bag on wheels, which is delivered in the luggage or stored until use backpack.

Place a rolling laptop bag in the main “attachment” on wheels is all that you need during travel. The extendable handle of such rolling laptop bags or cases for women forms stands for a camera with a threaded socket accessory 1/4″-20 and serves as a temporary platform for shooting.

Such rolling laptop cases have removable wheels. Designed with oversized zippers with high-strength tabs are closed by means of a rope pulling officially patented lock with a combination of 3 numbers, creating an exclusive system of security – modernized and reliable way to protect expensive equipment. This provides additional security for a rolling laptop bag’s owner.

Additional features of rolling laptop bags for women include: protective shock absorbers, the spring-loaded handle trolleys, folding pedal mount for accessories with thread 1/4″-20, numerous pockets (for cable, memory card, for a business card, a compartment for storing documents) and much more.

Pluses of using laptop bags with rollers for ladies:

  • It serves as a handy pocket for toiletries;
  • A pocket for a tablet – iPad or other parameters;
  • Organizers in a laptop bag;
  • Pocket for easy access to content.
  • Code lock for better security;
  • Large rolling wheels;
  • Ergonomic handle for carrying a laptop bag for women;
  • Appropriate restrictions leading airlines for hand luggage.

Why use rolling laptop bags for women:

Such laptop bags combine comfortable suitcase with a refined appearance and functionality of a mobile studio. These bags give the best protection and the possibility of organizing space, along with a full set of special functions. Big zippers with sturdy lugs are fixed in laptop bags for women in Canada or UK using the universal removable cable and a three-digit combination lock, making the system of exclusive Lock & Go System, which ensures the safety of expensive equipment. This system is approved by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

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