Stylish Very Bradley Laptop Bags

Before buying a Very Bradley laptop bag, ask yourself: “How and where I plan to use the laptop?” For example, in the classroom, at work, in leisure trips? Flower Vera Bradley laptops cases are divided into bags, messengers and backpacks being inconspicuous and are perfect for school and recreation.

Selecting the type of Vera Bradley laptop bags

Laptop case- a thin and flat. One of the simplest and most compact models of bags instead of just the laptop and charger. It is the most convenient option if you plan to use your laptop mainly at work or at home and rarely go on business trips.

Tote bag by Vera Bradley. The most common style of women’s laptop bags for multifunctional design. It can put a lot of important things – cosmetic bag, notebook, wallet, and phone. It is heavier than the other options, but it will be indispensable for those who like to carry everything you need.

A Bradley backpack is a compartment with a lining for gadgets and a lot of extra pockets. Ideal for outdoor activities, employment, and informal work environment. Do not evident, it can be worn notebooks larger and other things. Backpacks well distribute the load on his shoulders. If you are going to go well for work, make sure that the dress code allows it. As an option, add solidity leather backpack.

A messenger bag has a long strap, front flap and compartment for the laptop. A great accessory in casual style. These options help to create an informal way. The most popular types of materials for such bags – thick cloth and leather.

Conservative Vera Bradley laptop bags

If you work out in a public institution or prefer the classic style, the neutral colors (black, brown and navy blue) are perfect for you. If you want to stand out and bag reflect your refined taste, look for the golden or silver accessories. Another option – a beautiful texture, for example, embossed crocodile skin.

Bright flower laptop cases by Vera Bradley

If you are not ordinary, and young or want to pay tribute to the fashion, choose prints and bright colors. They are great as accents to your image. Keep in mind that patterns and unusual colors attract attention, so it’s not the best choice if you are ashamed of their hips (that bags with laptops are at their level). In this case, you can approach something restrained and neutral.

Choose a Vera Bradley bag for your laptop so that it is placed in it without gaps and does not slide. To determine the size of the laptop, measure its visible LCD screen (without borders) diagonally. Generally, it is indicated in inches. Standard values are 13, 15, 17 inches. Thus, if your laptop screens diagonal of 15 inches, you need a notebook bag 15 inches and so on.

Another important factor is not cheap, and the owner of the security device. Beware of thieves on trips – they often choose those with laptops and other electronics in your hands. The more visible your bag for a laptop, the greater the chance of becoming a victim of a robbery. It is better to buy a multi-function model or a backpack, not too conspicuous.

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