TUMI backpack laptop and TUMI bags make your life comfortable

The TUMI backpack laptop is a wonderful case for your big notebook. It has a lot of functional pockets and compartments where you will be able to place your papers, pens and pencils, ipad, camera and even a small lunch bag.

The TUMI laptop bags are made of a waterproof material so they will protect your computer from rain and snow. Also if you suddenly spill the water on your bag, the notebook will remain dry and undamaged.

The TUMI laptop sleeve which can come together with any of TUMI bag or separately will protect your laptop from all kinds of damages if you drop your device.It is made from ultra -durable nylon and has several pockets for your notes and accessories. It is closed with zipping and extra light.

Another wonderful bag is a TUMI laptop tote which has comfortable shoulder straps.Thanks to the length of the straps you can carry tote with your hand or on your shoulder – your hands will be free.The main compartment is zipped and you will not worry about your notebook – it will not slip out. There are some extra pockets for newspapers, umbrella or a small bottle with a soft drink either.

The TUMI laptop brief is a stylish leather case which has a place for almost everything you will need together with your notebook: a mouse, mouse pad, an external hard drive, USB thumbs, smartphone, ipad, papers…even your lunch bag. The adjustable shoulder strap helps to free your hands and carry your computer and all you need on your shoulder. It has several compartments and zipped pockets. Use them as you like – the different sizes match dozens of items.

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