Wenger Laptop Cases: Types and Pros

One of the main laptop accessories is a carrying bag. It serves not only to carry, but also serves as protection during transport from bumps and scratches. Many are in the portfolios of laptop backpacks and conventional bags. However, conventional bags and backpacks are simply not designed for carrying laptops. Of course, your laptop can easily fit in a normal backpack or bag for instance made by Wenger, but it will not be properly secured inside with him may touch other things that threaten or damage of appearance or damage to the laptop.

About general properties of Wenger laptop cases

Nowadays, the laptop case market offers a wide variety of models to suit all tastes: a strict office portfolios, bags with wheels, bags for an active lifestyle, backpacks, and just covers.

Wenger laptop bags have a rigid frame, thus increasing their strength but, on the other hand, as the weight increases. It is necessary to say about these very useful properties as water resistance because the ingress of water is unsafe for any computer. The laptop bag is used several different types of shock absorbers is the most common and easiest is foam rubber.

The laptop compartment on the perimeter is protected by a special shock absorbing material that protects the laptop from external influences. When choosing a Wenger laptop bags repelled primarily on the size of the diagonal, under which it is intended; type – is a portfolio or bag can be a backpack or bag, design, material from which the product is made. Range diagonals on the market today: 7-inch netbooks to 18.4-inch high-end multimedia and gaming laptops.

The capacity of the bag is different from the numerous variants of pockets and compartments for papers, business cards, flash drives, optical drives, PDAs, cameras, and other necessary details. Currently on the market provided laptop bags made of polyester, nylon, natural leather, artificial leather. Covers are made of neoprene, elastic material, and skin-tight laptop. One of the causes of damage the laptop is to break the strap and the bag fall to the ground, in the avoidance of damage to the laptop when buying handbags, make sure that fastening the strap made of metal, not plastic. Some manufacturers include laptop bag as standard.

We are introducing the range of backpacks made by Wenger, designed specifically for comfortable carrying laptops with 15.6-inch screen (laptop with 17.3-inch screen, use a backpack Wenger Scansmart II), tablets and other modern “gadgets”. There is a special compartment for a maximum laptop is protected from external influences. Of course, there are different pockets and compartments for the necessary details on the road.

Typical pros of Wenger laptop bags:

  • ergonomic and sturdy carrying handle;
  • anatomically shaped shoulder straps – shoulders do not ache with prolonged use;
  • a special compartment for a laptop;
  • cell phone pocket;
  • loop for sunglasses;
  • pocket for laptop accessories;
  • pocket for water bottles;
  • high-strength fabric;
  • pocket organizer;
  • opening for earphones;
  • the air circulation system.

Belts are very ergonomic and distribute the load in a way that does not put pressure on the back – you’ll feel as comfortable as possible in a guided tour on the way to work or study.

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